My first blog

Hey beauties,

As this is my first blog so i should introduce myself.. My name is pratibha and I’m a college student,I’m studying zoology.. I like travelling,reading books,shopping and makeup,i mean who doesn’t like these things😉😉..My list of THINGS I LIKE is really very long from coffee and chocolates to kdramas,so i will just keep it short and sweet..

In my blogs you’ll see kbeauty and other products,my skincare rountines,my favourite kdramas,movies song and obviously food..I’m no expert but I’ll give my reviews on my personal experience..

I was looking forward to start a blog for almost 2 years but in january 2017 when i finally made up my mind to start a blog my skin just started breaking out like crazy for no reason(For your information i never had any type of skin issue even in my teenage years)..So i was just focused on treating that.. I still have some pimples and spots on my face but they are so much better than before.And one of my friend encouraged me to start the blog because its NOW or NEVER🙃

I have started this blog to share my thoughts and help others through my personal experience and i would love to hear from you all..😘😘I’ll be little clumsy but I’ll make sure to correct my mistakes☺


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