[Disclaimer: The product mentioned here is purchased by me and the review is totally based on my own experience]

Before I review this product i really want to apologise for not being active on my blog.. Trust me I had so many products and things lined up for my blog but after posting my last post ,the same day my exam dates were announced😲 and after that, I thought maybe I could post in my free time but suddenly my face again started to broke I thought I shouldn’t increase my pressure right now.. So, i have decided that I’ll post frequently after my exams i,e, after August.. And till then I’ll post whenever I’ll have some free time.. I hope you guys will understand and support me😘😘

Cost: Rs 806.76/ $12.50

After seeing everyone raving about this lip tints on YouTube and blogs, i was eyeing these babies for a very long time and finally last month I bought them.😉

And of course the name and the packaging attracted me. At first i thought it was another expensive, cute and good for nothing product but after i tried these, it really changed my views.. I almost use it every day especially blush pink and rose coral.

They smell like wine and trust me they even taste nice.. I have tried so many lip tints but they either smell weird or taste really really bad😨. But this is totally on another level.. Yes!! It’s little on expensive side but totally worth it🤑

On the official site of CHÂTEAU LABIOTTE it says:

With the appeals of intensity and delicacy of a well aged wine, this long finish lip tint dyes and moisturizes your lips at the same time

Moisture: 4/5



Ingredients: Sepivinol(wine extract)

Hmm quite interesting.. Now let’s check out some swatches..

As you can see the colours are really bright and lively.. When I put it on my lips there was a little cooling sensation..

Even though I tried rubbing really hard , it didn’t come out of my hand

Even though the final cleansing removed every pigment, the orange tint OR01 was still there


I know these colours really stayed on my hands but except for OR01 other colours started fading from the inner part of my lips after 2 hours..

It claims to be moisturizing but I still felt dryness on my lips so I used some lip balm on the top and it worked for me

It smells and tastes really nice

I had to reapply it after eating and drinking water

Colours are vibrant and good

Coral rose and blush pink really looked natural on my lips

It’s expensive and really hard to find and on some sites it’s highly priced

And it’s really cute

Will I repurchase it:

Maybe, because it’s expensive

When I bought these lip tints i also received some samples

The lip tint sample was OR01 which is my favourite and the truffle revital emulsion was really moisturizing and it smelled really nice but this broke me out after one use so I’m not gonna use it ever again..

Let me know in the comments what you think about these lip tints😘


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