Hey beauties,

I’m Pratibha, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and college student.. I’m from INDIA

About me:

I’m the only child of my mom..i lost my dad to cancer when i was 1,since then I’ve been living with my maternal uncle’s family.. My mom lives in another city because of her job but she’s awesome  and i love her..

Although I’m a single child but i don’t have a lonely life.. I’ve 3 cousins who are so much fun to be around.. I enjoy living with my two brothers who are younger than me and one lovely sister who is of same age as me.. And because of them i never felt like i don’t have any sibling.. My sister and i are best friends since childhood.. we study same subjects in same college and last year when my mom got transferred to another city..we now live in the same room..

The people i know as my family is my mom’s side of family.. After my dad died his side of family never contacted us but i always wanted to know them so i met my grandmom couple of years before, and she occasionally calls me..

As a child i was always fascinated by fashion and makeup, and that was the start of my love for cosmetics.. whenever i participated in dance competitions.. dressing up and makeup was the best part of it.. In high school i got interested in korean skincare and makeups.. My mom knew about my love for fashion and makeup and never objected it, and she always encourages me…

About my blog:

My blog is all about makeup and skincare.. I’ll share about my favourite kdramas, product reviews on makeup and skincare, Occasionally how to’s on this blog and apart from this a little bit about my life outside makeup..

About my skin:

I’m fair-medium, warm skintoned with combination skin type,my T-zone is extremely oily and cheeks are extremely dry..As i mentioned in my first post i always had clear skin but since January 2017 my skin is breaking out alot.. I’m suffering from cystic acne which is almost cleared now..

Please follow my blog, that will mean alot to me and it will encourage me to post more..